New Technology Commercialisation

DETA Consulting has worked closely with scientists within Universities and Crown Research Institutes to add real-world engineering knowhow to their science, and assist the roll out of their technology. Our industry experience in the Dairy, Meat and Wood industries, as well as experience working at the bleeding edge of technology, leave us well placed to provide the right amount of input, and potentially industry connections, to prove your technology.

Technology Integration

Many of our clients purchase large equipment items for their site, however are unsure of how to install this technology within their existing system or process. DETA can help you understand the impact your new equipment will have on your site with a focus on the provision of utilities, while maintaining service to the existing site.


The price of electricity in New Zealand is beginning to make cogeneration attractive in the right application. DETA’s experience in delivering Cogeneration business cases is second to none in New Zealand. We’ve also been heavily involved in improving the performance of small scale cogeneration and generation assets at industrial plants.

Renewable Energy

Everyone has an opinion on renewable energy. Whether you’re looking to install some photovoltaic panels on your apartment roof, or install a windturbine on your west coast factory, we can help you sort the wood from the trees. The real cost of renewable at your site depends on a range of factors that apply to your site only; we can help you understand the real cost to you so you can make an educated investment decision.

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