Technical Feasibility Studies

DETA’s key expertise is in Many of our clients use us as problem solvers, which means we have to think, and look, outside the box. We’ve designed and helped implement cutting edge technologies in new applications including industrial hot water heat pumps at meat plants, through to biogas utilisation from dairy effluent. We have the know how and connections to make unique and complex projects work.

Project Delivery

Whether you’re looking for a full project delivery service with an industrial bent, or assistance with a part of a project such as contract management, DETA Consulting has the solution for you.

Complete project delivery
Many of our clients are not geared up to appropriately deliver technical projects and require a full project delivery service from business case preparation through to implementation.  DETA Consulting’s broad team has experience across the project spectrum to deliver great results.

Contract administration
So you’ve got a great technical team and are keen to get stuck into the project, but don’t know how to get the paperwork sorted? Variations, scope growth and scheduling impacts can be poorly handled by technical project managers, so leave it to us. DETA Consulting has a specialist contracts administration team focussed on reducing risk to clients.

Design Reviews

Our design and energy efficiency experience means we’re well placed to provide a comprehensive design review for your project. We focus on the long term project cost, rather than just the up front capital cost. We may be able to use some external funding to reduce the cost of a design review, or even conduct it at no cost depending on your project.

Waste Reduction Services

DETA works to help both new and operating businesses reduce their waste production. We provide proposed developments with waste management plans so they can allow their business, or their tenants, an easy ability to dispose of their waste and recycle. If you’re already in business and looking to reduce your waste production, we can help with waste audits to identify what you’re throwing away that could be recycled or removed for free, reducing waste costs.

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